Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Back to work in Boston

After the new year I returned to working on the United Consistency Team, traveling each week.  My travels have sent me to all the usual places but I was also sent for a week to Guam, which was really cool!  When I told others about the opportunity they asked how many Triple D places were in Guam, the answer is zero, but who knows maybe Guy will visit Guam one day!

I was sent to Boston for a week and decided to try and get to the last 4 Triple D places I had yet to try.  After arriving and checking into my hotel I headed out.  My first stop was a small café on the south side of the city.  "Blunch" is a small place hat specializes in pressed sandwiches and baked treats.  I approached the counter and was greeted by several of the very charming employees.  I decided to try a sandwich called "The Loaf" a meatloaf sandwich  on sourdough bread.  While waiting I was greeted by the owner, Nikki and we chatted about her restaurant and the impact that Triple D had on her store and the small restaurants that are featured on the show.  Nikki is a very sweet and gracious lady and I could see those attribute in her employees.

Blunch in Boston a quaint breakfast and lunch cafe

Inside Blunch lookin at the open kitchen

The sandwich came and it was delicious!  The meatloaf was moist with crusty sourdough bread, it was delicious.  After finishing I said good bye to Nikki and headed out.  I can highly recommend this place and hope to return to try another of their wonderful sandwiches.

"The Loaf" snadwich at Blunch
Nikki, the owner of Blunch and me

I headed out to the next stop just a few miles away.  I was really looking forward to trying "Café Polonia" as they feature Polish sandwiches and cuisine, at least that's what the website said.  The site also showed they were open for lunch, but when I arrived they was a sign that stated they were temporarily closed and I just happened to see an older gentleman walking in and he promptly shut the door in my face and said sorry.  Oh well, maybe I can try the place on my next visit!

After a short break I headed back out into Boston to visit the last two places in the city that I had yet to try.  After a rush hour Uber ride and passing the iconic home of the Boston Red Sox, Fenway Park, I arrived in the town of Allston at "Deep Ellum".  This bar named after an up and coming entertainment district of Dallas, Texas, and is a small neighborhood bar.  I entered and took a seat at the bar.  The menu, although small had a number of interesting choices.  They feature bar food with a unique kick, including Pork Belly, Cheese plates and Charcuterie.

Deep Ellum in the Allston area of Boston

I decided to try a couple of appetizers.  I am always interested when I see Deviled Eggs on a menu so I chose them and the Soft Pretzel plate.  The eggs were delivered first and were very tasty, they were presented with a small mixed green salad with a vinaigrette dressing.  The huge pretzel came with a side of Stout Cheese and Stone Ground Mustard.  The pretzel was ok, a bit on the hard side but the cheese was delicious as well and the mustard that was not as spicy as most mustards that I have had in the past, which is a good thing!  I was surprised to see at the bar they have Catoctin Creek Rye Whiskey, which is produced in Purcellville, Virginia near where I live.  I could sense that the staff there had no interest with my reason for visiting and there I could not find the Guy poster or pan that are displayed in most of the Triple D places.

Deep Ellum's Devil Egg plate

Soft Pretzel with Stout Cheese Sauce and Stone Ground Mustard

I headed out of Depp Ellum on an Uber ride across the city to the town of Somerville.  "Trina's Starlite Lounge" is a true neighborhood bar.  Surrounded by small businesses and row houses it is a very popular after work destination.  When I arrived the place was packed!  I was greeted by a very friendly server and sat at small high top table next to the bar.  The atmosphere was loud and lively.

Trina's Starlite Lounge in Somerville, MA

Trina's menu has bar food classic choices.  Hot Dogs, burgers, chicken are the mainstays of the menu.  I decided to try a bowl of chili and sweet corn fritters.  As I waited I walked around and explore this eclectic place.  Old signs and fun memorabilia add to the atmosphere.  The neatest thing is an old refrigerator that I found out has it's own Instagram site!

Trina's bar

Trina's Fridge with it's own Instagram following

My meal came and it was really good.  The chili was topped with cheddar cheese and sour cream and reminded me of Cincinnati style chili with a bit of a sweet and cinnamon taste.  The fritters were awesome, deep fried and topped with powdered sugar and served with a honey sauce n the side.  All of the fritters I have tasted in the past have had a bready texture, nit these they were crispy on the outside and"ooey-gooey" on the inside, real treat!  As I was finishing up I met Trina and what a great lady.  We talked all about Guy's visit and about my travels.  I did ask her about the chili and she said her husband is from Pittsburgh so the Cincinnati influence may have been part of the recipe.  She took my book and got here entire staff to sign it!  She also had me try a slice of their Macha Green Tea cream pie.  It was really good, not too sweet and was toped with tea whipped cream.  I couldn't finish it as I was so full!

Trina's Chili

Sweet Corn Fritters - AWESOME!

Macha Green Tea Crème Pie

Me with the owners of Trina's Starlite Lounge, Trina is on the right

If you are Boston, Trina's Starlite Lounge is a must!  I highly recommend it, they are open for diner so do Blunch in the morning and Trina's at night!

I headed back to my hotel to start my week of work at Boston Logan Airport.  I enjoyed my visits to the Triple D places and my Triple D count is now 694!

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