Friday, April 12, 2019

Back in Atlanta - Hurry up and wait!

I was assigned to go to Atlanta for work and decided to try a few more Triple D places.  I was planning to fly down on a Monday but through a huge mistake on my part I ended up flying down a day early and that gave an opportunity to try one more place than planned.

After going to my hotel I headed out to start this new adventure.  On the Northwest side of the city "Greens and Gravy" is a small place specializing in Southern Soul Food.  I entered and was told the wait would be 90 minutes!  I decided to wait it out.  They use an app called "Waitlist" which shows where in the wait line you are and how long you've been waiting.  My Triple D shirt and book garnered some attention during the wait and I chatted with some of the others about my travels.  My main complaint with the way they let people linger well after they are finished,  I realize its hard to tell someone to get going but with a large number of people waiting, it's only fair.  After about 70 minutes I was called in and was seated at a small table.  My server cam over and warmly greeted me.  They have a one sheet menu and looking around at the other tables, their go to item seems to be Fried Chicken.  It looked good but I decided to try the Smothered Pork Chops.  Greens and Gravy is definitely not fast food, as everything is prepared as ordered.

Greens and Gravy in Atlanta

Dining Room

Inside the restaurant

Guy Ate Here wall stencil at Greens and Gravy

The meal came and it was delicious, 2 large pan fried pork chops smothered in a thick cream gravy with peppers and onions, including two large sides, Brussel Sprouts with greens and bacon and a pan skillet of white corn cheese casserole along with a huge flaky biscuit.  This meal was huge which is why I noticed just about every diner getting a to go box!  The chops were perfectly cooked, juicy and delicious.  The sprouts were tasty and the bacon and greens gave it a sweet and sour taste.  The corn was sweet and delicious.  The biscuit was probably one of the best I have ever had!

Smothered Pork Chops and a biscuit

Brussel Sprouts with Green and Bacon

Sweet Corn Casserole

The extremely filling meal was definitely worth the wait.  My trip to Atlanta started in a very delicious way!

The next day I headed out to try a few more places.  After having to wait almost 40 minutes for my car rental, I was on my way.  I went to the town of Smyrna, northwest of the downtown area.   "Yakatori Jinbei" is an Asian restaurant in a small strip mall.  As I walked in  I was greeted by two servers who when they saw my Triple D shirt and book asked me about my travels and apologized that the owner had just stepped out.  The very attentive server told me about the specials and what had been featured on the show.  I decided to try a dish that Guy had tried, the Korean Fried Chicken (or as a friend later told me, the real KFC!).  I was told that the chicken would take about 20 minutes but was worth the wait, will after the 70 minute wait, this was nothing!

Yakatori Jinbei in Syrmna, GA

The meal came and it was great.  The10 pieces of  chicken were deep fried tossed in a spicy Korean sauce was more sweet than spicy and milder than Teriyaki, which was more to my liking.  It was a messy and delicious meal.  The meal was made even better by the friendly and helpful staff!  Their menu also features a full menu of sushi and Ramen soups.  This is a must try place if you're in the Atlanta area.

The Specials Wall 

Guy's Favorite Korean Fried Chicken

After getting my book signed by he two servers I headed out.  My next stop was a few miles away closer to the city in an industrial area surrounded by auto repair shops and body shops.  "Hankook Taqueria" is a fast service place.  As you enter you go into the line to order your food.  The main item is Tacos, but they also make burritos, salads and other Mexican based specialties with a Korean twist.  I decided to try two tacos, The fried fish taco with Korean sauce and lettuce along with a shrimp taco with a spicy sauce along with Korean sauce and lettuce.  Despite being busy my tacos were delivered quickly!

Hankook Taqueria - Mexican with a Korean Twist

The fried Tilapia was moist and tasty and the slightly sweet sauce made the taco even more tasty.  The shrimp taco had a bit of a kick but was equally tasty.  I enjoyed my visit but it was so busy I was unable to really talk to the owner or get my book signed.  Oh well, off to the next!

Hankook Taqueria Fish and Shrimp Tacos

Shrimp Taco

Fish (Tilapia) Taco

I headed out to my last stop of the day and found myself in the middle of Atlanta on the campus of Georgia Tech,  I was very worried about parking as it is at a premium, but was lucky the restaurant  has a small parking area in front but only allows 15 minute parking which made my decision to do take out very easy!  "Rreal Tacos" is a true taqueria featuring Mexican cuisine along Mexican beers and margaritas.  I decided to try 2 tacos, the beef and fish taco.

Rreal Tacos in Atlanta near Georgia Tech

Inside the restaurant

Open Kitchen

Rreal Tacos Guy Ate Here stencil

I waited just a few minutes before my order was ready.  I headed out and back to the hotel to try my meal.  Rreal uses Corn Tortillas which is a change from many places that use the flour ones.  I like the corn as it gives a nice flavor.  The Fish taco was not breaded and fried but grilled white fish and was very tasty.  The marinated beef taco served with beef chunks had a nice marinated flavor to them.  Nothing fancy but just good.

Rreal Tacos Fish Taco o top and Beef on the bottom

It was then off to work.  I made plans to meet up with my high school friend for dinner later in the week.  Jeff picked me up and we headed to my last Triple D place on this trip.  "Twisted Soul Cookhouse and Pours" is an upscale Southern Soul Food restaurant.  They take traditional soul food and put a unique twist on it.  We were seated at a small table and greeted by our very friendly server, who described the different menu items.  We decided to try  couple of appetizers along with our main meal.

Twisted Soul Cookhouse & Pours - An upscale Southern Restaurant in Atlanta

We decided to try the Black Eyed Pea Salsa with tortilla chips and the Smoked Salmon Belly Bacon, Creamed Corn Risotto and Crispy Brussel Leaves.  The appetizers came and we were amazed with both.  The Black Eyed Pea Salsa was served cold and was so tasty that it could have easily be a side salad, the chips just added to the dish.  The Salmon Bacon was awesome!  The maple sweet salmon was thick cut and the risotto added a nice creamy texture.  We ere also served a basket of corn bread and sweet potato biscuits.  A very nice start!

Black Eyed Pea Salsa with Tortilla Chips

Smoked Salmon Belly Bacon, Creamed Risotto and Crispy Brussel Leaves

Corn Bread and Sweet Potato Biscuits

For our main meal, Jeff chose the Pork Ribs with Pork Belly Baked Beans and Aunt Lu's Potato Salad and I chose the Mississippi Fried Catfish with Pimento Cheese Grits and a Fried Green Tomato.  The meals were not only beautifully presented but were delicious.  Jeff said the ribs and beans had a real spice kick, my fish was perfectly cooked, tender and tasty.

Pork Ribs, Pork Belly Beans and Potato Salad

Fried Catfish on top of Pimento Cheese Grits and a Fried Green Tomato

The meals were delicious.  It was great to catch up with Jeff and enjoy reminiscing about old times over a great meal.  This entire Triple D journey for me has been made even better by being able to see old friends and make new friends along the way!

Jeff and I after a great meal

Before we left the manager signed my book and we headed out.  It was a fun albeit all too short time together.  I headed home after a week of work in Atlanta and my Triple D count stood at 699, one more to 700!

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  1. I'm hoping that you date your book with the dates you visit each establishment. I think that would be really interesting to look back on too. That biscuit being the best you've tried is really saying something! Does your mouth water while you're writing your posts? haha Good to see Jeff.